About Us

Who We Are

C-Decor which founded by Canada Decor Inc. recognizes your individual styles and is sensitive to your space and vision for your home. With our experts in choosing products and cut-costs, we help to create a unique space that helps brings your family together at affordable price. We specialized in modern contemporary furnishing and accessories.


  Our Vision and Believe

Furniture should be eye-catching, affordable, and long lasting. Through technology and innovation, C-Decor makes it possible for shoppers to quickly and easily find high quality furniture with modern styles and comfy materials. We are here to help you create unique environment that match your personality and the culture around you. We are committed to pleasing our customers every step of the way from product discovery to final delivery.


How We Are Different

We are proud in offering an exceptional range of home furnishings, some of which have been custom-designed, while keeping in mind our clients’ budget.  Our customers have benefited from exceptional prices and more importantly product’s quality.