Product Care

C-Decor takes great pride in the quality of the products we produce. As a C-Decor customer, you should have peace of mind in knowing that your C-Decor product was built to last. Showing a little TLC, however, never hurts. To help keep your product always looking new, please review our product care instructions below for a few pointers.

Caring for Fabrics:

C-Decor uses only highly resilient and durable commercial grade fabrics that have a double rub count of up to 100,000. Our fabrics have a WS cleaning code, which means they can be cleaned with water-based cleaners or solvents. See below for further cleaning details.

General Care Tips:

  • Proceed cautiously when trying to clean fabric.
  • Having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned annually will help keep it looking new.
  • When cleaning, always pre-test in some inconspicuous area of the product (like the underside or bottom of a cushion).
  • It is recommended that you vacuum regularly and thoroughly in between cushions and crevices to prevent dirt and grime from further rubbing into the fabric.
  • Rotate and fluff removable cushions regularly to ensure even use and wear to increase longevity.
  • To minimize fading, we recommend you avoid placing your upholstered furniture in areas that have direct, prolonged exposure to sunlight.

WS Cleaning Code (solvent and/or water-based cleaners)
Spot clean with a mild dry cleaning solvent, an upholstery shampoo or the foam from a mild detergent. When using a solvent or dry cleaning product, follow instructions carefully and clean only in a well-ventilated room. With either method, pretest a small area before proceeding. Do not saturate with liquid. Pile fabrics may require brushing to restore appearance. Cushion
covers should not be removed and dry cleaned.

Caring for Leathers:

C-Decor’s premium leathers only become softer and more beautiful with time. To help keep your leather looking new and feeling great, here are a few tips you can follow.

  • Dust and vacuum regularly. Dusting should be done with a dry soft cloth and vacuuming should only be done carefully with a soft or brush tip.
  • To prevent fading, we recommend you avoid placing your leather furniture in areas that have direct, prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • To prevent your leather from drying or possibly cracking, we recommend you keep your leather furniture at least 12” away from heat sources.
  • To avoid stains caused by spills, we recommend you clean all spills immediately with mild soap and water.